We love fireworks!!

One of the best parts about our venue is our fabulous park and ability to have amazing fireworks shows!  We absolutely love when the fireworks kick off the dance party!  It’s such a fun surprise for guests too and it’s not just for the Fourth or New Year’s!


shaun menary photography 48ArlingtonHallLeiDay-521Courtney_Aaron_0189ArlingtonHallLeiDay-502ArlingtonHallLeiDay-497ArlingtonHallLeiDay-533

Pyrotex is our go to for all the fireworks here and we love that you can choose the song to be played.  They design the show around the song so the blasts can really hit the beat just at the right time!

shaun menary photography 571075ArlingtonHallLeiDay-511shaun menary photography 49

We’ve even had one bride setup fireworks as a surprise for her mother’s birthday which just so happened to be on her wedding day!   How sweet is she?!1015_DSC_4367 final.jpg


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